All gussied and ready to party? Here is what you need to know about the venue.

1. Coat check will be hosted out of Persephone Theatre’s Backstage Stage! Enter through the Persephone doors and follow the path into LUGO Deep.

2. Bring cash! This year we have three tills that accept debit and credit for food and drink tickets, but spending money leaves more time for partying.

3. Come early! Make sure you see as much LUGO as possible by arriving in good time. Programming starts at 8 PM (you can hang out with your friends some other time)!

4. LUGO has a theme. Working with idea of encounters, curiosity, immersion and impact, LUGO Deep is an invitation for partygoers to dive in and explore the most experiential LUGO ever.

Dress Theme:Blues, Circles, Waves

Important Locations
Photobooth: Under the staircase on Level 2
Food and Drink Ticket Sales: Admission Desk Level 1
Bars: On all 3 levels, Featured Cocktail by Picaro on Level 3